July 16

Drydocks World Best Subcontractor Certificate

ACT has received Best Subcontractor Performance Certificate from Drydocks World based on its unmatchable quality services.
July 16

McDermott Appreciation Certificate

Certificate of appreciation awarded to ACT by McDermott for Saudi Aramco projects
July 16

ADNOC Onshore Appreciation Certificate

ACT received certificate of Appreciatation from ADNOC Onshore (Al Dhafra Petroleum) for 5 Million Safe Manhours without LTI
July 16

DEWA Appreciation Certificate

DEWA awarded apprecitation certificate for achieving 18 Million Safe Manhours without LTI at Jamex M Project
July 16

Saudi Aramco Approval

ACT received Saudi Aramco approval for execution of major projects in UAE
July 16

Siemens Three Years Long Term Contract

Siements awarded 3 year Long Term Contract for DEWA M Expansion (Jamex) Project
April 23

ACT New Corporate Identity

As part its overall strategic business development plan, ACT develops & launches its new corporate identity, communication materials and mediums.
April 1

ACT Regional Expansion

Completes Phase 1 of its regional expansion plans by setting up an agency agreement in Oman.
April 1

Passive Fireproofing (PFP) – Nexon/Laggan Projects

Passive Fireproofing (PFP) – Nexon/Laggan Projects
• Between 2012-14, ACT provided a record 52,035 sqm of Passive Fireproofing on two projects using over 670 tons of intumescent fireproofing material (Chartek) in the process. • The Nexon project was the larger of these two key projects with a PFP area of 33,235 sqm, while the Laggan project..Read More
April 1

Delivery of the PUQ – A Guinness world record

Delivery of the PUQ – A Guinness world record
• ACT was the approved coating applicator for the massive PUQ deck on the Golden Eagle Area Development offshore platform. • Weighing in at 13,191.98 tonnes, the delivery of the deck was recorded as a new Guinness world record for the ‘Heaviest load moved by self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs).
April 2

ACT HQ Relocates

ACT HO relocates to the new award-winning O-14 Building in Business Bay to better manage future expansion plans.
April 1

New Hamriyah Facility

ACT opened its record 23,000 sqm fabrication and painting facility at Hamriyah Phase II.
April 1

ACT Abu Dhabi Office

Established a dedicated Abu Dhabi office company to improve operations in the Capital.
April 1

Lamprell Facility

Lamprell Energy commissioned ACT for the surface preparation and coating for their new 51,000 sqm facility in Sharjah’s Hamriyah Free Zone.
April 5

GSF Rig Refurbishment

• Painted four rigs concurrently – a total area of 225,000 m2 – in a record time of 4 months. • Including erection & dismantling of special scaffolding and painting – for 9 legs – in a record time of 2 months.
April 4

Maersk Valiant – Water blasting & painting to Derrick (above the monkey board)

• Successfully painted a drilling derrick while the rig was offshore and operational. • Despite the extremely hazardous nature of the project (including the offshore erection and dismantling of the scaffolding) it was completed on time and without a single incident.
April 1

GSF Rig Santa Fe 127

• In 1998 ACT was the first company in this area to successfully convert eight preload tanks from soft coating (eureka) to hard coating. • We developed our own procedures to complete the job, and the finished project successfully met & passed the guarantee period (jointly guaranteed by ACT and..Read More